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Enabling Brands to Maximize Sales, Increase 

Share-Of-Wallet, and Drive Loyalty 

Predict what customers will want
and where they’ll go next based on verified past visits

Minimize customer defection
with precise local competitive insights

Drive customers to convert
who are pre-disposed into your local stores, restaurants, and hotel properties

Attribute campaign results 
to confirmed location visits and local sales

Personalize content
using conclusive lifestyle segmentation

We’re Gravy and this is what we do.

We’re the only location-based behavioral analytics and marketing segmentation provider delivering verified attendance to the definitive local events, activities, and places your mobile customers go in their daily lives. Gravy helps brands uncover customers’ interests and affinities and predict and act on what they’ll do next.

Gravy helps brands Know & Act on:

Who is defecting to competitors – where, when, and how often

What types of content or offers are likely to motivate actions

Where your customers will go based on past verified event & location attendances

When your outreach or offers result in verified customer action

Why customers go where they go and do what they do

What makes us unique:

The only set of definitive local events & activities data in the U.S., updated every day–from the very big to the very small, Gravy has them all

The only attendance and location verification platform: AdmitOne™ – providing confidence that Gravy location insights can be trusted

Always-on anonymous & passive behavior gathering

Continuous Input + Continuous Learning = Conclusive Insights

The only local analytics engine giving brands:

Location-based marketing analytics
using local, offline customer behavior

Attribution reporting
to prove that content and offers are driving customers to locations

TruLife™ predictive segmentation
derived from individual customer experiences

Personalized & relevant content
& in-the-moment targeting

Competitive insights
into customer visits by location, date, time, frequency, and segment

Many of the leading brands in the world work with Gravy